Philippine Love - So you want to marry a Filipina?

Published: 27th March 2007
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Philippine Love - So you want to marry A Filpina?

Getting wed to a Philippines woman is a great thing but not always huge for everyone, it's that old story, a Philippines woman can be all things to a man, but not every Philippines woman can be all things to every man, in other words it's not a good idea to stereotype Philippine ladies.

Very often Philippine women are shoved in the same pigeon hole as all other women from the South East Asian countries, such as China, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, South Korea.

The ladies from these countries, tend to have totally different languages, different religions different cultures, different ways of eating food, the only thing they portion is the Pacific Ocean if they can travel to their local beach.

In that sense, if I am honest, I really ought to divert British Men from marrying Philippine girls simply because they are 'Filipina' perpetuated by some mythical notion that Filipina's are wonderful, submissive wives that never answer back, and are fantastic in the bedroom!

So I have set a little test for the prospective husband to see if he really knows anything about his potential future wife, country, culture and customs. There are no fixed answers to the questions, but they will aid you to see beyond the tunnel vision of love.

The Test:

1. Can you find the Philippines on a map?

2. Do you know what is the Capital City of the Philippines?

3. Do you know what are the main regions of the Philippines?

4. Do you know who is the President of the Philippines?

5. Do you know what are the main languages spoken in the Philippines, and your potential wife's local dialogue?

6. Do you know what the main religions practiced in the Philippines?

7. Do you know why numerous Filipinos have Spanish names?

8. Are you prepared to have children, if so, are you prepared for various children?

9. Are you prepared to provide 'Sustento' (alimony) for your expanded Philippine family for education and other expenses, if they need your benefit?

10. Are you fairly tolerant of superstitions?

11. Do you like fish products?

12. Do you know what eating implements are preferred? Chopsticks, cutlery or fingers.

13. Do Filipinos bow to each other?

14. Do you expect your Philippine wife to be submissive and obedient after the marriage?

15. Are you just getting married for sex? Be honest about this.

16. What is the difference between Tagalog, Filipino, Bisayan, Cebuano, Ilongo?

17. What do you think the differences are between a Thai woman, A Japanese woman or a Philippine woman?

18. Are you wanting to marry a Philippine lady because you think you dislike British ladies? Be honest with yourself.

19. Do you like hot climates or hate them? Mosquito's? Poisonous snakes & spiders?

20. Are you tolerant of Bureaucracy or are do you not suffer fools gladly ?

21. Are you prepared for the costs associated? At least one visit to the Philippines plus all the visa fees (UK presently over '1000).

22. How long are you prepared to wait to get her to the UK? It can be done within 6 months from initial contact, but usually a year. If they are already married, this can take as long as two years to get an annulment (usually a few thousand pounds). If they have children they wish to bring with them, and the farther is named on the birth certificate, this can cause further delay and costs.

Remember one very effective point. A very small minority of Asian girls are out to get hard cash off you nothing else. If a Filipina ever asks for money before you have met, move on, or you will find yourself with more problems you can handle. You can tell a true Filipina, they will NEVER ask for bankroll.

Keith Driscoll is the owner of Filipino UK, and runs a free forum and dating site to help others find love, and help with all things to do with the Philippines.

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